Explain Blogging – What Is Blogging?

There are several online sources today that can explain blogging to you. However, there are still a lot of people who have never even heard about blogs. In this day and age, it is very important to have an idea about what blogging is so that you can stay up to date about the topics that you like and are interested in.

What is a Blog?

The first step when you explain blogging to someone is telling them what a blog really is. A blog can be a website on its own or it can be a part of another website. Usually blogs are maintained by individuals with regular entries, commentaries, description of various events, videos and graphics. The entries would usually be displayed in a reversed chronological order in blogs. The name or the title of the blog can be used to brand yourself. Quite a lot of people use their own names as the title for their blog while many others use the name of their business or a phrase that would describe the topic that the blog is about.

What Can You Use Blogs for?

To explain blogging you will also have to learn more about its uses. Generally, a blog is a place where you can write about things that you are passionate about or have an expertise in. Quite a lot of people have personal blogs that they use to keep the readers updated about the events in their life and about day-to-day topics. However, there are many who use blogs to share information about a topic on which they have considerable knowledge and experience. A blog can be used to help others. There are several people who spend hours online searching for information and a blog can be a good venue for them to find answers to the questions that they have.

When you first set up a blog you will have to think about not only the title of the blog but also the theme of the blog. Most blogs will have theme that would be followed for all the entries that have been made. For example, a blog based on the theme of computer consultation services will provide information only on that topic and not on something that is not relevant to that topic. However, there are several people who maintain a personal blog and write events that occur in day-to-day life, their life journey, likes and dislikes etc. It can be a type of personal journal for several people. The readers of the blog can also leave their comments and share their opinions. The information given above explain blogging in the most basic terms, however, there are still quite a lot of things that you will have to learn about blogging for using it as a marketing tool.

Source by Thomas Freers

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Make Money Online – Blogging

Blogs are the latest and greatest way to earn an income online. It’s so great because of the flexibility of a blog, you can write about whatever it is you like and be able to monetize in some way that makes you money. This means that no matter what your hobby is, whether it be basketball, or knitting, you can make a blog about it and be able to make a decent income online from it.

When you make money blogging, the idea is get the attention of a certain audience, this will be your “target” audience. Once you decide who your “target” audience is going to be then you can move on to deciding how your going to monetize (make money) from your blog.

There are many ways a person can choose to make money online from a blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing – place affiliate links related to your topics, so when someone clicks on a link and ends up making a purchase, you get paid commission on that sale.

2. PPC Networks – Sign up to a PPC network like Google AdSense, or BidVertiser, and display relevant ads on your site. Every time someone clicks on an ad on your blog, you will get paid for the click, no purchase is required.

3. Sponsors – Another way to monetize your site is with sponsors, you can rent ad space on your site, and get paid under a monthly basis by your advertisers.

4. Consulting – If you’re helping others out in your blog, then it’s not unusual that someone may need more help then others. In many cases you will receive an e-mail from a readers willing to pay you for one on one consulting.

When it comes to making money online, nothing can beat it in my opinion. The benefits of being home, spending time with the family, and surpassing your current income are way too attractive and actually can be achieved by putting the same effort one puts into their regular job.

Not only is there the four way I mentioned above to make money from a blog, but there are several other ways, with new ways being thought up by bloggers everyday.

Source by Luis Gross

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All About Blogs and Blogging

Blogging has become a part of day-to-day life. People have taken to share their views and opinions and post their comments online. A blog is an interface where people communicate with one another. It is a shared on-line journal or a diary. A blog is thrown open to the public who considers the same as their own web site and updates it regularly. The term blog stands for word ‘web log’.

According to some experts, a blog is a collection of posts, be it informal, short, deeply personal or controversial. It contains updated information on everyday basis.

Blogging Effectively:

People interested in blogging need to keep a check on their word usage. A controversial comment is likely to spark violence among the community. Below are some tips to ensure that the blog is free from any controversy.

1. Always think of the reader before writing. Follow the WIIFM principle that stands for ‘What’s In It For Me?’ The written content has to arouse interest in the minds of readers.

2. It is good to proofread the content for any grammatical errors and typos. Blogging is all about publishing content. Hence, the writer has to make sure the content is error-free and appealing.

3. The content has to be valuable and worth reading. It is advisable for beginners to share articles of other people or review any book, before blog writing.

4. Follow the KISS theory, which means Keep It Short and Simple. Online readers do not have enough time to read the overall content, even if it sounds interesting. Hence, stick to the main idea behind blogging. Publication of short posts is good as compared to lengthy articles.

5. Make content live that serves the readers’ areas of interest. This does not mean that the blogger has to be a born writer. Assume it a live conversation, wherein people have gathered to share their ideas over a certain topic. Stick to the five Ws- who, why, what, where and when.

6. Make others familiar regarding what is happening around the world. Post comments on routine lives of celebrities and famous personalities. This builds a rapport and attracts more people to the blog.

7. Put forward your ideas in a clear manner. Avoid jargon or double speak. Do not repeat ideas. The reader has to get a clear picture of what the writer is trying to convey. As such, have a straightforward approach in writing.

8. Blogging has to be with respect to people of all age groups. In addition, it is beneficial to include ideas that generate rapid interest among readers.

9. Headline of the content has to be clear and in a bold statement. Avoid misleading the readers. The writer may use specific key words. Frequent key word usage helps to stick to the purpose of the blog and appeals to search blogs. This increases the chances of ranking on the blog.


Blogging helps people to know about the current topics, burning issues, and trends. Thus, individuals willing to voice their opinion on some issues or those who do not have time to go through the newspaper or TV news, and even common people can equally benefit from blogs.

Source by David O Connell

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What is Your Blog Niche? How to Find Your Niche

Choosing a niche for your blog can be a hard and confusing process. If income is goal, you want a niche that is profitable. Any blogger wants their blog read, so you want to have a niche that others want to read. By knowing what to look for in a niche, finding your niche becomes an easier process.

What are your interests?

Blogging about something in which you have no interest can become a chore. Look for something you enjoy or really want to learn. You might want to think about a few topics before you decide. The next questions can help you decide if it is a niche to pursue.

How many people are interested in your niche?

While there are millions of people interested in dogs, there are also millions of blogs about dogs. You would want to narrow it down, perhaps to a specific breed. Maybe you like training dogs. Since it is a big market, you could even break it down into training of a golden retrievers. On the flip side, the training of Otterhounds would be too small of a market. Plus Otterhounds are rather stubborn.

Are there networking sites in your blog niche?

One way to determine if your topic is too broad or too narrow is to look for networking sites in that niche. You want to find forums and groups on sites like Facebook that are in your niche. If there are few forums or worse none, then you want to look for another niche. If your search turns up pages and pages, then your niche is too broad and you will want to narrow it.

Is there enough content?

A blog requires regular posting. You do not need to worry about being an expert in your niche. There is always someone who knows less than you about your topic. Plus as you learn you add more information to your blog. But you will either need to know quite a bit about your niche or be able to find information for you to amass inspiration.

Can you make income with your blog topic?

Income is a focus of many blog writers, even a small income can help. Study other blogs in your niche. Perhaps you will see banner ads, or you may see affiliate ads. The blogger may recommend products.

What niche works for you?

Now that you have an idea of what you need to know, you may have a clear winner in your mind. A perfect niche does not exist, so do not spend too much time obsessing over a niche having everything mentioned. If you find your niche focus is slightly off, refocus. If your blog niche does not work, change. You are not engraving stone, the internet is very forgiving and flexible.

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Blogs – What is a Blog and What is a Blog Used For?

What exactly is a blog?

Blog, blogs is the shortened form of weblog (“web” as in internet-“log” as in journal). This is an internet term for a personal web site/ sites set up to be regularly updated as a diary or journal for public viewing. This diary can come in a form of written text, pictures, photographs, audio and video or in a combination of all.

What is a blog used for?

Blogs are written by professionals in all disciplines to share ideas, thoughts, concepts, expertise, art, music, stories, beauty, knowledge, experience, help, support to even their life story. What is great about the internet, is the room for everyone to share from the amateur blogs to stay at home moms using blogs to market products, chronicle events, share recipes or just how they feel.

Successful blogs.

The most successful blogs are normally written in a humorous, honest and personal way by celebrities right through to the terminally ill. Success in blogs knows no boundaries as to the audience they capture. Of course fame, writing skills, search engine optimization, blog layout and content all play a role in creating successful blogs but not always. Perhaps you could spell bind the world and dazzle us with your blog, go on show us how it is done and share your thoughts with the world.

How do I start a blog?

For an amateur blogger two easy options to consider would be signing up with either Blogger.com (blog.com) or WordPress.com and start a free blog with them. Here you can post your comments, ideas, thoughts and share with the rest of the world.

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Is Blogging Profitable?

If you want to make some extra money, the Internet is the richest source of business. Blogging is one of many opportunities to generate income with low costs and some effort. Blogging started as a modern online diary, but now it is used for both personal matters and money making.

To monetize your blog it is best to get your own domain and hosting. This ensures that you have complete control over your blog. Some hosts have the facility to send WordPress register your domain in five minutes. WordPress can be used on your blog and you can customize it to your needs. You also need some FTP software to upload WordPress register your domain. There are many free FTP programs available on the Internet. Blogs must be updated regularly. Once you have your domain and hosting in place, you can begin to create a money making blog.

First you need to find a profitable niche for your blog. When you have a place you can go to sites like ClickBank to find products that you can contribute to the commission. When you find the products you want to promote you need to create an interesting site. Blogging is a great form of advertising and it is an inexpensive way to promote your business.

Market is probably the most important part of blogging if you want to make money with your blog. You must make sure that the place you choose is something wanted by many. Rushing this stage, you can end up doing a lot of work for nothing.

To be effective, you must create a product specific website with relevant content. Blogging profitable you have to keep a close watch on the traffic your blog gets and monitor how high it appears in search engine rankings. Blogging is also advantageous for people with business to promote.

To monetize your blog further can put Google AdSense ads on your pages. You will get paid per click these ads. There are also some other places where you can get some pay per click advertising.

You can visit this Money Making Blog to see a few of the many possibilities you have to monetize your own blog.

Source by Gerhard K

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Blogging – History excess Sig

When blogging was a relatively new concept many bloggers simply medium- as a way to empty their thoughts in an electronic file. Many regarded the medium calendar that never can be read by someone else.

In fact, early bloggers saw very little activity without sending out a direct invitation to view the blog to friends and family.

There are two main roots of blogging. The first is the old style message boards (now commonly referred to as controlled forums), and other root is Online Diaries.

The earliest predecessor blogging goes all the way back to 1983, but like most of the first ideas Internet they were actually beneficial to the computer geeks and technicians.

Blogging as we see it today really came to the forefront in 2004. If the blog was a pot of water boiling was not achieved until that year.

Today blogging is incorporated into nearly every form of social networking sites. Business Blogging (b-blog) is common with many online businesses.

Maybe blogging has been taken because the individual blog owner will be journalist, publisher and commentator without having to consult with any of these types of journalism.

Blogging may seem meaningless in the beginning. It may actually seem more like old style online journal read by very few. You may even believe that the medium has no impact on business marketing strategy. However, as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that it may take some time for blogging views to boiling.

One way to improve blog traffic is to send a link to your blog in the signature line when they participate in a discussion forum. Make a prominent link to the blog on the main business site. Use the links from other blogs, which can be mutual. You can even include your blog in any business Ezines, newsletters or autoresponders.

Many Internet users have come to view the blog as an alternative news source. If your company is on the cutting edge of your business blog could become public and referred to other bloggers additional material. Back Links only are to improve traffic to your blog.

The growth of blogging serves the interests of knowledge and entertainment consumers, and companies understand what type of content visitors are most interested in.

Blogging has really free exchange of ideas with the belief that if you meet the intellectual needs of the customer, they are more likely to return with both confidence and their credit cards.

Source by Scott Lindsay

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10 Tips to Help You Plan a Successful Day

It is easy to complete a busy day wondering where all the time went and when you will complete all the tasks you want hoping to get completed.

tips below will help you get a head start on the day and ensure activities are in line with your goals. At the end of the day, you will feel comfortable with what you have achieved.

1. Take time every day to plan-10-15 minutes (continuous). Close this time out on the calendar.

2. Before planning for the day, review your goals (short or long term), and consider the progress made to date.

3. Determine the most important goal and the number-one task for the day.

4. List and prioritize all the tasks you want to accomplish.

5. Assign realistic times for each activity, and close them on the calendar. Add up time blocks to make sure it is realistic.

6. Know when your prime time is -the time of day when you are at your best and make the most of it.

7. Take frequent short breaks during the day. Get away from your desk for a few minutes, stretch, take a short walk. You will re-energized and better able to concentrate.

8. Beware of distractions! When working on high priority projects stay focused, let voice mail take calls *, block email editor and scribbled notes in Conference Planner if you think something important to tell someone.

9. At the end of the day, review your achievements, congratulate yourself on your success and what you can learn from the projects that were scheduled but were not completed.

10. Throughout the day, and as you move forward toward your goals, remember to keep a healthy balance between your life work and time for yourself, your family and friends!

* Leave a clear message to let the call know when they can expect a return call from you, and be sure to call when you promised.

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Blogger Victory … Sorta. Church Changes Offensive Anti-Blogging Article

David C. Pack, self-proclaimed Apostle of the restored Church of God in Wadsworth, Ohio has been forced to change the article in its Ambassador Youth Magazine about whether teenagers should or should not have blogs or personal websites. The article went on GLOBAL bloggers got wind of it on What Really Happened in an article entitled “An Open Letter to the teens in the restored church of God.”

Now offending article prohibits adolescents and adults blogs and websites RCG, contains the following introduction act almost as negative reactions voiced the original article. It says …

“Welcome AMBASSADOR youth!

This magazine (www.thercg.org/youth/), along realtruth.org and thercg.org, is part of the largest biblical world websites that get millions of visits and downloads a year.

The article you are about to read has received tremendous response, from those who agreed they liked that part of it, and others who took issue with the content. As you read the article, please keep in mind that it was written especially the youth of the restored Church of God, in order to set internal policies.

While many religious organizations regularly set unbiblical internal policies for membership (such as “dance is forbidden” or “drinking is a sin”), the restored Church of God sets policy based on the principles of the Bible and Jesus Christ taught. In this case, our intention is to explain the widespread misuse of blogs.

Please feel free to browse our websites and reading the extensive library of books, pamphlets, articles, magazines, reports, lessons and audio material to provide free. “

may as well make lemonade out of lemons, I hear them say. I remember one rather narcissistic lawyer told me once that he did not care what anyone says about him, so long as they spelled the name his right. He had been 60 minutes and came to this conclusion. Similarly, Paul now use the bad press the best one can in such cases by offering a look at even more of what he has to say at high blo his … I mean website, which of course is certainly a legitimate use of the site. We are speaking the truth here folks. No, we’re talking a Biblical opinion that given the only true church led only true end time Apostle. While one can not deny that they can go to the world or tiles (other broken things that once used to be the Worldwide Church of God), you still can if you do not ‘t like the font, still standing.

We see here that there is some fraction of what was intended to be “internal policies” to become so public. One need only point out that the reason it did was is that it was put in the text that is accessible to all youth magazines Paul hopes everyone will want to read. Mr Pack said he largest Biblical Blo … I mean website in the world, which of course is a good example of what he means by “legitimate business” on the Internet. Mr Pack also notes that while many churches put unbiblical rules on such things as dance ‘and Drank’, the writing is clearly based on solid Biblical principles. They are in fact many of the same “Clear” Biblical principles anti DANCIN ‘and Drank “crowd use. Just read the blog, Is writings of such notables as Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, King David’s psalms, James, Peter, John or Paul for the support that you need to justify anything you want to do or do not want for others. make

original article says, “” Let me emphasize that no one – including adults – should have a blog or personal web site (unless it is for lawful activities). When this trend, now brought discussed with Mr. Pack and other ministers headquarters, there was no shadow of doubt in mind any blogs are something young people should not be make any way.As has been said before, Jesus Christ and his church have standards. Those who want to lower standards should go to the tile or the world. “

Replace this edict that has a little too much information and to where it originates, how it was decided, and seem to sneak in the idea of ​​”including adults,” is …

“While useful for certain business and professional purposes, this article makes the point that RCG youth and even adults, should not a personal blog or maintain personal websites type described above. “

We have gone from” adults, “which was never in the context of the actual article that” even adults “still prohibits adults from disobeying this” internal policies, “but somehow seems less harmful and more designed to make adults more readily compatible.

It seems never proclaimed apostle or the original author of the article that conclusion is offensive, intrusive and controlling. Read these reasons teens and adults can not be trusted to blogging or personal websites again!

“Should teenagers and others in the restored church’s comment that the world through a blog? Because of the obvious dangers; clear biblical principles that apply; the fact that it gives a voice; it is almost always idle words; that teenagers often do not think before they do; it is the work of boredom; it is filled with games, evil – personal blog should not be in the church. It is clear that it is unnecessary and actually dangerous in many areas. “

Why is very important in such an organization might be something to consider at any other time.” Sorry about how it was said, but it still stands, “is still the bottom line.

Since all blogs and websites can not be wrong, or Paul could not make such WORLDWIDE work, we read: “Is this article saying that every blog in the world is wrong? No, of course not! Again, there are experts and professionals who use blogs to serve right and positive purpose. “This, but true that many places, clearly makes room for himself as a professional apostle who is an expert in some form in all things Biblical, as long as one does not collect information from the web or blog conflicting conclusions drawn by the Apostle just what exactly is the truth.

Why is this important point? It is important because it is an example of another way to those who fear the information, explanations and ideas that do not fit with their own way of being, program or thinking, used to control the flow of information. There is nothing wrong to impose guidelines for teens to think about the blogs or websites, it falls more into something that should be between teenagers and parents, not teenagers and Pastor. Had I had the internet when I was a younger man to think that I would have to find the “truth” in this or that subject, I would not have come to conclusions I did based on what I now see was very limited information.

Our government is frantic to control the Internet as it is to give people a real voice along with some rather interesting sight to watch the abusers and seek control over others. Internet war over just who and how are just warming up. This one small victory of bloggers who noticed a small, rather insignificant church attempt to keep youth and adult members to take advantage of the Internet is just a type of what can be done by those who notice. If one chooses to be a one man show, you need to understand that, one man show oaths, declares, tries to control, intimidates and able to have the final say in everything, others may take, and take exception.

asked was restored Church’s article, “Do you tend to want to have a voice?” it was asked to point out that people are interested voices are vain and generally spewing useless blather. But yes, indeed, I want to have a voice. Voice along with eyes and ears protect me from bashing into things and being run over there and people I otherwise would not have seen or heard come. Have you found your voice?

Source by Dennis Diehl

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Online Business Blogging, article writing, Squidoo and relevant content

One of the age old problems webmasters face is how to promote their site cheaply and make money online with their online business. And while PPC is a great, inexpensive way to promote your website to a very targeted niche, some of the best ways to promote your site are actually free!

Whether you get information on the site, or niche site to promote, you will find that the following methods are some of the best ways to produce interested traffic that is itching to hand over their email addresses or money for your products . There are no better ways available to make money online with an online business, but by following these steps.

Article marketing

Article marketing can give you an incredible amount of traffic, but only if you use it right. You should make sure that the content you submit is easy to understand, and only covers one or two, which leads people back to your site with your life. Probably most importantly, you need to make sure that the article is interesting, compelling, and of course, informative.

When you submit these articles to several article directories, you will probably see significantly in back links, traffic, and more, but it may take several weeks. The trick is to be patient and while waiting for articles to work get going on other methods of driving traffic.


Blogging is a free way to make sure you’re reaching traffic in all regions of the niche. Blogging has come up in growth from their days of being simply a place to “share” with friends and is now in force, and often well used promotional language structure for a web site or even the basis for the site itself. Using WordPress especially can mean you’ve got easy to promote, incredibly simple to update site structure that allows you to build and maintain the site effortlessly.

As a traffic generation tool, it is also a good way to create, maintain and manage the traffic to your site and is incredibly simple to use. You can blog about things that relate to your site, and reconnect, or use articles, article marketing pursuits as part of your blog. You can even blog about your holiday!


Squidoo is another type of blogging that should be used to promote your website or affiliate site. The material is called Squidoo lens. You can short films, links and products on the lens but beware Squidoo has tight rules on what constitutes lawful content they want to lock the lens if it comes across as being too promotional for your website or affiliate site.


During the material it is important that we maintain informative content or self-improvement content so that our articles, blogs or lens can be considered to educate people about what the article is focused on.

to keep the focus on the stuff I use the following method: First, I write down the title of the article thought of keywords that I want to promote. Second, I write between three and seven major issues associated with the title. Third I write two to four sentences on each key. Then I write a conclusion mentioning all the major points.

There is so much to learn on the internet that it seems pointless not take notes and then write about it. If you feel the same way you can do well in blogging, article writing or Squidoo. Even if we can develop one of these areas to begin with there is a way to move forward.

Article writing, blogging and Squidoo lenses are great ways to add content to your website and inform readers on topics related to your website or affiliate site. The contents of this media has to be relevant, informative or help people with self improvement or their goals.

Source by Stephen Farrington

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