Money For Articles – Get Paid to Blog

A blog post is published to the internet the every 4 seconds. There are Millions of pages of blogs on the net, Millions of ideas and view points expressed. What These people do not Realize is, You Can Get Paid good money to blog, you should not be doing it for free! Not by adding obnoxious banner ads or Google AdWords links to your page, I’m talking about optimizing your article using Aseo (Article Search Engine Optimization)

Aseo is the preferred way to Get Paid to blog, and Will Bring in outrageous amounts of money for articles of all cattle. Basically, this is a 3-step process, and Although simple on the surface it is a tad bit more complicated. In the “Get Paid to Blog” market, it’s flooded with with services and websites are That willingness to pay you on a “per blog” basis, giving you pennies for what is really worth Hundreds. Make sure you do it right, do not take the easy way out and settle for just a few bucks on a blog where it could make 100x more.

Step # 1: Find out What They Want

Find out what people want, find your “niche”. A “niche” is a very specific area, a specific group of people with specific needs. For example, a niche could be Convicted felons Searching for a job, or teens looking for games on there PSP. As You Can See These Areas are very specific, and you need to find out what “niche” is hungry! This is very Easily done, simply looking on Any answer site Such as yahoo answers, what is everyone asking about?

In Many cases, These niche are not being “fed”, no one is delivering to themself what They want. Thousands of teens Will search the every month on Google for PSP applications, but there is no supply. So what happens When you point themself in the right direction?

Step # 2: Get What They Want

Become an “affiliate” for the product thatthey want. There are tons of “affiliate banks” That Can point you in the right direction. Being an affiliate means, you point That person (s) to there companies website, and When sales are made you get a commission! You’ll be getting paid for your blogs by These affiliates.

Step # 3: Give it to Them

Optimize your blog with the Aseo principles discussed earlier so That These people Will see your articles. Look what your audience is Searching for, in this case it’s probably “Applications for PSP” or something similar. You make the tweak, and then you watch the money come in.

This is an oversimplified version, but trust me, Aseo methods do not take too long to Learn. Getting Paid to blog is entirely free and so are These methods! There is a free eBook below if you wish to Get Started.

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Blog post Writing Tips – 4 best methods to set them apart from other

The problem with most bloggers these days is that they offer the same information and that they are using almost the same style and writing techniques. You do not want to take this road especially if you want to easily gain recognition in the field of blogging. So, put your blog posts apart from the rest by simply following these highly effective techniques:

1. Offer hot information. Instead of offering the same information is available on competitors’ blogs, explore new topics that readers have not heard of before. It will really help if you check out the relevant RSS feeds and if you do extensive research. Yes, this is time consuming, but you can be sure it will be worth it. This can surely help you to create some serious noise online. You like to do it?

2. Write the same way you talk. Give the audience a sense of your personality through your writing. Write as if they are your friends, and you’re talking to them directly. Deal with them first-person pronouns. Be upbeat and lively. Do not forget to join them by asking questions and by injecting humor.

3. Be creative. You are encouraged to think outside the box every time you are writing your blog posts. Think of different creative or innovative ways of how you can stand out from the crowd.

4. Encourage readers to voice out their opinions. This is one way to start ongoing communication with them. Just make sure that you acknowledge their feedback and that you answer (if necessary) in a timely manner.

30 Day Blogging Challenge – Another way to build your Internet business by writing Every Day

Blogging challenges have been around a few years ago. I used to join them from time to time, but I quickly lost interest and just wanted to drop out. It was when I was just getting started online, way back in 2005 and did not understand the importance of writing every day to build my online business.

Today I participate in every project that fits my business. This means that I will write a hundred articles in one hundred days as often as I asked. This week I am writing 25 articles in ten days as part of a holiday challenge from my article directory. This article is number 21 in 25 I need to sign in the coming days. These challenges help me to stay focused and on track to achieve the goals of my business.

blogging challenges are also a lot of fun. The first time I held three own energy blog challenges in 2009. More than a hundred bloggers have agreed to write to at least 30 posts on the thirty-day period.

Look for ways to meet and surpass your goals by accepting challenges that serve your needs. You can certainly find as many as you want to participate, or do what I have done and start your own challenge and invite others to join you.

Writing every day will accelerate progress in your online business. You can also repurpose writing in many different formats, such as audio recordings, short, tweets on Twitter, and forum comments. You will soon be in the habit of writing and looking to write more challenges to go.

Source by Connie Ragen Green

Making Money From Google AdSense and Blogging

by creating a blog and a group of followers who read and subscribe to your blog, you will find that they are going to read and comment on each post you publish on your blog, and you will develop a true following of your work. So, why should you not make money from people visiting your site? You’ve put a lot of effort and work in producing content for your readers – make some money by displaying ads from Google AdSense should not be shameful, now it should

You can invite other blogs and small business? (both local and base) to put an ad or two on your blog, could not it? Or alternatively you can put part of the code of Google AdSense directly on the site, and allow for people to click on your content. You will receive a payment every time a user clicks on the ad and all your keyword terms, and ads are supported by Google, they look at what keywords you have on your site and display relevant ads.

You will not earn mega bucks from AdSense ads you display, but there may be a moderate amount depends on what market / user blog is attracting. More so, it depends on the amount of visitors that visit your site, which in turn will affect how many click transparency ads will actually get. An increase of traffic to your site will intern increase rankings in search engines, as many people use other links to your site will tell the search engine spiders to your site is gaining in popularity.

You will need to be careful, however, to what people / companies you do file (using Google AdSense) blog, which Google AdSense widget might display some ads that may not be relevant to readers your, and competition may even try to advertise on your blog; some readers may be turned off by your display ads on your blog, but that should not deter you from placing ads on your blog. Also, if you are publishing too many ads on one page, then this will affect the amount of money you could make from AdSense revenue; if your pages look like advertising billboards and do not contain quality content as the primary focus, then people will be annoyed and may leave the blog; because you have to choose ads to display that people will be happy with, and keep with the style of AdSense ads that you want to show readers what readers want to read, which should increase the income you make from it to serve ads to take advantage of Google AdSense .

Publishing AdSense ads on your blog is actually quite simple, and simply copy and paste the amount of code to where you want your ads to appear. AdSense ads are big or small ads that you are able to put on any page or post in your blog, they will publish an appropriate notice to readers relevant page or post and rely on the keywords that are in the post or page to show relevant ads. With display Google AdSense ads, companies, small businesses and blogs to advertise and get an increase in website traffic or blogs will increase their readership and online revenue.

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to increase the amount of money you are earning online, use Google AdSense on your blog is a good place to start; inform potential buyers by advertising in other countries, Google AdSense ads can promote a specific product or service you’re selling, too. Keep a record of what you have earned and see the revenue you’re doing increase the traffic coming to your site will probably see an increase in the readership of your blog and increase the activity of readers. If your blog engages readers and persuades them to read the material long enough so they click on an ad, this will increase the ranking of your blog and readers by.

update your blog on a regular topic is a must, as this will keep your blog interesting, informative, fun and engaging – increase the amount of ads that are displayed on your blog. This should bring an increase in income that you generate from Adsense ads appears on your blog.

Source by Ray Devine

Holiday Gift Guide for Gamer

Need to find the perfect gift for that Games in your life? This useful guide should point you in all the right directions.

Gaming is no longer tethered TV- experience it once was. Now mobile gaming and the latest Gen consoles Rock incredible technology and high – end graphics to gawk at. Even virtual reality is making a strong comeback with new headsets that provide more power. This year is full of exciting gaming gifts worth looking for that special someone, so go ahead and dive right in to see what’s hot this holiday season.

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Microsoft App Comparison helps you to see what apps are available on the Windows Phone

Microsoft AppComparison

Microsoft just launched their new Lumia 950 smartphone this week with Windows 10 Mobile , it would entice you make the switch. It is likely that the reason for the company to also launch the latest Android exclusive app, AppComparison.

The purpose of the app is to match the installed Android apps with a few Windows Phone variant. As the app description says:

Are you considering changing your Android device to Windows Phone? AppComparison pointed favorite Android apps and games with the apps available from Microsoft Store. The application presents you some of the most popular Windows Phone applications.

You can download AppComparison Microsoft from Google Play .

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